A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey… but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong. So every day I get STRONGER!

Forget bacon, avocados make everything taste better!

I know it’s hard to capture the deliciousness of the black beans in this picture, but let me tell you this dinner was YUMMY! I love my high carb days! (Most of the time) It has been an awesome workout week so far. These sprints are kickin’ butt but I like that, it’s all relative to the game! Let’s see, can’t remember if I posted my workouts for the next few weeks so here goes:

WORKOUT A (3 sets of each)

Romanian DL

Leg extension

Lat pull-down
Walking lunge

Tricep punch out
Calf raisesWORKOUT B


Calf raises

Glute press(love this!)

Upright row
Hamstring curl

Currently on my second week of this rotation. I start the first week at 8 reps then progress each week in reps/weights or both depending maxing at 12 reps per set. My goal is to push through til the end of March and then take some time off. The sprint cycle will be complete and then I’ll start back with my regular running program getting on target to run my 7.6miles for my birthday this year.

But man, the gym has been good to me. In the past I have been mostly a morning workout person so it’s not always easy for me to motivate for those end of the day workouts. What I tell myself is to just get in there and once I put those workout clothes on and get moving it’s gravy.

Tomorrow is a  total off for me and then Saturday it’s back to yoga + sprints, Monday strength training circuit + sprints, Tues workout A + sprints, Wed. yoga and sprints, Thur workout B + sprints repeat, repeat, repeat!

Have a question about my workouts just ask. Wanna tell me about yours, please do! Let’s get out and continue to GET IT!


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