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Sacrifice and Surrender

Surrender-To give up in favor of another.

Sacrifice– the surrender of something desirable for the sake of something considered as having a higher or more pressing claim.

Even if you are not a religious person, you are probably aware that the Lent season is upon us now. I find it interesting that even if I have not been on my blog in past months around this time I make my way back to share a few tidbits with you on the subject. If you’ve read my blog before you know I’m not deep into religion but I do consider myself to be a spiritual person and depending on who you ask that’s more than enough.

My purpose today is to talk about not the religious aspects of the season of Lent, but of the healing aspects of taking time to willing sacrifice and allow yourself a chance to grow beyond where you are at this present time. Often people spend so much time looking for comfort in every moment of their life that they forget that sometimes we have to not only go through pain and discomfort but actually encourage it if we are to gain some of the comforts and joys that we seek. When you create visions and set goals it is not always about what you are willing to DO, sometimes the more important thing to recognize is what you are willing to GIVE UP. For example, let’s say you have a goal of losing 20lbs. You might be willing to walk 3 miles 5days a week but have you identified what you would have to give up in order to make that a reality? It’s not rocket science, but it does require a conscious effort on your part. This is a reason I think so many people fail with New Year’s Resolutions and also why so many people fail to live up to their true potential. They are NOT WILLING to make sacrifices. One thing about sacrifice though is the same as it is with goal setting; you have to start somewhere and it’s okay if you start small. Another thing about sacrifice is no one can do it for you, no one can tell you what would be a sacrifice in your life. We all have things that we love to do that take our time, energy and mental capacity and likewise we all have things that we desire and want as a part of our lives. We have to ask ourselves what is most important RIGHT NOW! What do we want, need, desire to such a degree that we are willing to make a sacrifice of something else to achieve that end.

I know in the tradition sense, Lent is all about giving up Earthly pleasures to become closer to God and I think that is a marvelous and worthy goal but I challenge you again this year to apply the principal of sacrifice in all areas of you life. When we sacrifice we surrender and when we surrender we are saying that we want something better and we are wiling to work for it. We are saying I know that this might be uncomfortable and possibly hurt a little bit but it is nothing compared to what I will gain on the other side. In order to change, in order to grow you must spend time outside of your comfort zone over and over again. This is not something to do just once a year, you should do it continually all of your days! We should always be striving to get better.

So as you go into this Lent season go with a longing in your heart to become a better person. Spend some time in quiet reflection and discover what sacrifice(s) you can make to achieve that in the next 40 days. It doesn’t matter if you start tomorrow or next week, just START! Look in the mirror of self and see who you really are. See where you have been lying to yourself and others and WILLINGLY surrender as much as you can. As you do this I guarantee you will weep, you will moan, you will cry out to God on high to deliver you from yourself, not because you are unworthy, but because you are worth more than you’ve ever imagined!

Please remember that this is a personal journey. No one can take it for you and thus no one need travel along. When we sacrifice we don’t do it for the sake of others to say “Good job! Look at what she sacrificed!, etc” We do it for our own peace of mind, our own self-discovery and growth. Make no mistake though, others will see your growth and as they revel in it they too will be inspired to make sacrifices in their own lives.

As I close remember that any true sacrifice will cost you something, it’s okay. Open yourself up and let go…