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Lent Reflection…You don’t know the Lord & other misconceptions

DISCLAIMER: By most definitions I am not a Christian. That being said, someone once told another person, “She don’t know the Lord!” Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle given the fact that the person that made the comment had only been in my presence once and that one time barely acknowledged my greetings of hello. I tell you about good old Christians, some of them just love to judge folks based on their own limited views of what it means to KNOW the Lord. In another incident many years ago I was making my way home from the store when this lady made a beeline across a busy intersection to tell me, “Allah is not your God!” This was quite disturbing given the fact that I wasn’t Muslim but also because she felt so strong in what she believed & was so certain that she knew what I believed she had to run and “SAVE” me.

I recently had a discussion about Christ and Christianity and one of the things that was said to me was that in order for me to have Christ in my heart I must profess Jesus as my Lord and Saviour according to the book of stories of unknown origin written by various authors at various times in history. My follow-up question was this,  if God, Jesus  & the Holy Spirit are one why MUST I acknowledge them separately? (found the answer to this one, but my Christian friend was unable to give a satisfactory answer, hummm) Now I don’t want to get into a debate about what people believe or why they believe what they believe, but what gives any human being the right to tell another that God and/or Christ does not dwell in them because they don’t do as you do? Because I don’t say “In Jesus’ name” my prayers go unheard? That’s deep!  Here’s a quote I read today, “I don’t need to change others beliefs to validate my own. Nor does it diminish my God to accept others and their beliefs.” Could not have said it better myself. With all the different people in the world it truly amazes me that so many people believe that a  God who is omnipotent & transcendant has revealed himself the EXACT same way to every single person on Earth.

Years ago when I visited this same issue the definition that was being used to describe for someone who was a Christian was -Someone who brings others to Christ. This to me is where the waters get murky because for most Christian, bringing someone to Christ means that they get baptized as an open sign that they accept Jesus as Lord, but wait, I thought Christians were supposed to be humble and what good is professing if others can’t see Christ in your daily walk? Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not saying because you are a Christian you have to be perfect, no man is. But shouldn’t you at least be happy? Shouldn’t you at least have an uplifting spirit most of the time? Shouldn’t you at least try and help others and attempt to be an inspiration to others because it’s in your heart to do so and not because you see it as a ticket to heaven?

“Being Christian should be about a relationship with Him. Being catholic (or baptist, or Lutheran, or whatever) is about joining with others in a common set of religious practices that, IN THEORY*, are designed to be an outward expression of that relationship and faith. You can debate the pros and cons of various religious practices, but it SHOULDN’T be a basis for judging. Neither should participation in any particular set of practices be a guarantee that an individual has that relationship. You can follow all the “rules”, and still lack the relationship and heart attitude.”T.G. (highlighted that because even within the denominations of baptist, Lutheran, Catholic etc. there are further distinctions made i.e. Southern Baptist, Eastern Catholics etc.)

So where am I going with this, I’m not really sure. I take periods of reflection for my own growth and betterment and though it often brings me closer to God it sometimes pulls me away from others so I’m just working through some stuff. Not a good or bad thing, it just is, life goes on.

So while it’s true I’ve never been baptized, and haven’t had a church home in over seven years that doesn’t diminish the fact that I am a child of God. There have been times when I have been stopped by perfect strangers who ask me to pray for them. What is it that they see if not light?  I have come a long way in MY PERSONAL relationship with God so when others look upon me and pass judgement it makes me wonder how strong their walk is that they feel threatened by mine. If you believe something in your heart, LIVE IT that others may see it. Then, when they ask you how do you stay strong, how can you always be so positive etc. you can share the beliefs of your faith. You need not wear it like a badge of honor as a means of validating your relationship with Christ.