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Let me tell you a secret




On low carb days bananas taunt me. No really! They sit together in a pretty little bunch smelling all good just screaming EAT ME! EAT ME! Other than that smoothie banana for the day I don’t give in though. I’m stronger than that!

Since we’re speaking on food let’s stay here for a little while and I’ll share with you some of my thoughts on various eating habits. My first rule of thumb is to ALWAYS REMEMBER you are an individual. There is no person like in you in exact physical make-up. You have to keep that at the forefront when working your plan for eating for LIFE. My second rule is pay attention to how you naturally eat/prefer to eat i.e. do you prefer small frequent meals (a grazer) or do you prefer larger meals etc. Next, what foods do you love/hate and how do they make you feel. I really believe that over the years that the convenience of processed foods and fast foods have taken a huge toll on our minds and bodies therefore it is essential that we take a close look at the state of our meals…WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU PUTTING IN YOUR BODY???

My story…became a vegetarian cold turkey in 1996, began eating chicken again in late ’97.Mid ’98 saw me vegetarian again gradually becoming vegan by 2000. The time between 2000-2005 saw me moving from a vegan diet to a raw vegan diet and then back to vegetarian. Learning more about weight lifting and finding an increasing need for less soy based protein I added back in eggs and dairy. After the birth of my second daughter I found myself vegan once again for the 2.5years that I nursed. I then added back in dairy and maintained a good balance during my first two serious rounds of following the New Rules of Lifting program.

It was last year as I got closer and closer to my goal and was so wrapped up in making sure I ate enough that I realized on cardio only days I just wasn’t hungry. I was then that I began carb cycling. NOTE: Most people that are strictly looking to lose weight and get in better shape will NEVER need to really worry about cycling their carbs. Me on the other hand, I got big dreams and so I have 4 high carb days and 3 low carb days to help me reach my goals.

I typically eat 3 times a day(maybe 4) and I space my meals at least 4hours apart. Again, this is my style of eating. I like to sit and relax with my meal and my meals take time so I eat less often. That works best for me. I added chicken and turkey back into my diet last year but I mostly eat fish, eggs and beans for my protein. I do eat yogurt and cottage cheese on a regular but limit most other dairy. If I do cheese, it’s 2% and milk is 1%.

One of the main reasons I am currently practicing carb cycling is because my goal is really changing the composition of my body. Last year when I was on lower calories during my recomp I got great results but I realized later that I was smaller than I wanted and I’ve realized recently that I can weigh more and still look good. So this time around my calories are higher to achieve muscle gain but the carb cycling is in place to help lose fat or at the very least not gain any. So far so good! The other reason I carb cycle is for the discipline and  the balance. It helps me to stay focused on my goals, fitness and otherwise.

Now though you might not need to carb cycle you should have an idea of what your diet numbers are. Some people are eating more than they need to but most of you are probably eating LESS than what your body needs. Either situation can make progress NULL & VOID so here’s a break down. Plug in your numbers, track your calories for a week and see how well you were doing. Then track your calories(keep a food journal ) for another 21days to keep YOURSELF accountable.


BMR=655.1 + (9.563 x kg) +(1.850 x cm)- (4.676 x age)

kg= your weight in pounds divided by 2.2

cm= your height in inches x 2.54

After you get your BMR multiply that by the physical activity(PA) that fits your lifestyle:

Sedentary:  little or no exercise  BMR x 1.2

Lightly active: light exercise or sports 1-3days wk BMR x 1.375

Moderately active: moderate exercise or sports 3-5days week BMR x 1.55

Very active:  intense exercise or sports 6-7days wk BMR x 1.725

Extra Active: very intense daily exercise, sports & physical job or twice daily training BMR x 1.9


Now if you are trying to lose weight subtract 300 from the number you ended up with. (BMR x PA) – 300

If you are strictly trying to build, multiply that number by 20% and add it to your total i.e. let’s say you had a BMR of 1450 PA 1.55

For weight loss (1450 x 1.55) – 300= 2247.5 – 300 = 1947.5

For muscle gain (1450 x 1.55) x .20 = 2247.5 x .20 =449.5 Total calorie intake 2247+449.5 =2697

A note for muscle gain: YOU HAVE GOT TO BE PUTTING IN THE WORK!

Any questions or comments please share!


Brick by brick

So I had planned to work out at home for six weeks then get back to the gym once my on campus summer class started. Well that class was canceled so I found myself putting together a little something to get me through til the start of school or around there about. The first six weeks found me doing giant sets and an outdoor steps circuit. Loved the giant sets(nice change from my normal way of lifting) but really didn’t like the steps all that much. It was some great cardio, though I knew from past experience that that type of workout is often not the best for me when I’m trying to do any focused lifting work. Just too much stress for my body to recover well. In fact found myself resting a week early due to injury. I’m over that now though I kick myself for knowing I needed to change things up yet refusing to do it. I’m just thankful that I got a warning that made me sit down before I caused some serious damage.

During my rest period I finally got back to my Kundalini yoga and meditation and started 40 day sets in each in succession. Just completed day 19 of the yoga set found here: http://www.pinklotus.org/-%20KY%20Kriya%20Keeping%20the%20body%20beautiful.htm& here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DPQs31TeDY8 and day 17 of the meditation found here:http://www.yogibhajan.org/ybkriyas/index.php?id=27 and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qvj1e4KLJo

As promised on my fitness page over at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Forever-Fit/165705690193583 here is a rundown of MY current program. Note the capital letters in MY. This is how I’m working MY BODY based on my experiences, my goals and my current resources. There is a strong emphasis in the hip/glute area as well as a nice amount of isolation exercises in the upper body. I am at the end of my second week with four weeks to go in this cycle, here goes:


Inverted row

Lateral raise

Back flyes

Staggered push-ups

Shoulder press

Hammer curl

Tricep dip


Inverted row

Front raise

Bent over row

Push -up w/feet elevated and an increasing pause at bottom(at 4sec now)

Cross-over bicep curl

Tricep push-ups


Cross over step up (totally love these!)

Frog lifts(legs bent)

One-sided elevated squat

Glute bridge

Single leg/arm Romanian DL

Squat on toes

Seated leg extensions(with db)

HILLS: Started at 5min working up to 15min


Crossover step up

Sissy squat

Inner thigh squeeze

Frog lifts (legs straight )

Leg extensions

Single leg/arm RDL

Glute bridge


I do callanetics for my abs Sun-Fri and yoga and meditation in the evening daily. I’ll do the yoga for 40days then take a week off before starting the same set or another set. The meditation I plan to take through a 90 day cycle.

My schedule goes like this:

Sunday- long run (though it’s not very long right now because I’m starting over)

Monday- upper A

Tuesday- lower A

Wednesday- REST or walk 

Thursday- upper B

Friday- lower B

Saturday- REST or light walk


The past year I have surprised myself with some progress even when I wasn’t trying to progress and I’m super excited to share this in just a few weeks. It’s funny because I remember back when I was 18 and said this was what I wanted but over the years had come to believe that it was not the thing for me. Now it has come full circle and is just a subtle reminder that WHAT WILL BE WILL BE. Sometimes all we need to do is get out of the way.

I love being me, but I’d like to get to know you. Please chime in with questions, comments and the like.


“Work it harder, make it better”

It’s been awhile but I’m still here and ready to take this blog  in a new direction. From now on the blog will follow a fitness base with life lessons still thrown in from time to time. I’m gaining a lot of speed in my life and fitness journeys and I want to encourage, inspire and positively impact as many others as I can along the way. This is just one vessel for me but I would like to make it a powerful force in my mission so I need your feedback and your input. Let me know what you think. I’m always on a quest to be better, do better, live better every step of the way, help me do that. Peace.