A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey… but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong. So every day I get STRONGER!

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I Challenge you…

Starting tomorrow, the long awaited 40day challenge begins.  This will probably not be anything like you expected but I’m hoping all who participate gain something from it no matter how small. This is all you have to do, first read the Wisdom Access questions at the bottom of the page and answer them truthfully, check in on the blog a minimum of twice a week, at the beginning of the week to share your focus, objectives etc. and then later in the week to share how it’s going. At the end of the forty days I will choose a challenge winner and a prize will be given out (really cool book + ??). SIMPLE!

This challenge is essentially about you versus you. I am calling upon you to face your own worst enemy and come out the victor. And given the nature of this challenge, IT IS NOT restricted to areas of fitness or weight loss. This can be about whatever area in your life you are ready to focus on.

The following questions should take you from start to finish on this 40day journey and help set the foundation to tackle other areas in your life and those around you. What we are looking for is the domino effect. Please share your thoughts, share your energy,  your inspiration. LET’S GROW TOGETHER!

Stage 1

1) What do you REALLY, REALLY want?

2) What’s YOUR motivation?

3) What are YOU afraid of?


1) What do YOU need to put in place to accomplish this?

2) What will make the BIGGEST difference RIGHT NOW?

3) What has to happen for YOU to feel successful?


1) What lies ahead?

All stages require you to declare some things. In order for me to choose a winner at the end,you must share these things with me. You can however, choose not to share and just use the questions for your own personal challenge. That is okay. I would suggest that everyone participating keep some type of journal to record things going on during this process.. Use it however you see fit.  The most lasting change comes from being active in the process so get active with what you’re doing. Feel free to add links in your post to sites/information you find helpful or inspiring. Remember, we’re building a community, LET’S GET IT!

For this week I will start the sharing in the comments of this post and each week following, start a new post. We’ll be going strong till June 30th. Remember, it takes 40days to break a habit and 90days for a new habit to stick so this is just the beginning!


Crawl back to life

Wanted to write this post for weeks now but still having some time management issues so let’s see if the original thought is still as strong and if I can get the words flowing to tell you what is constantly on my heart.

I watched the hunger special on the food network a  couple of weeks ago and there was a woman in Texas that runs a food pantry. Everyday before they opened the pantry they gathered together and their final chat was, “If you can’t feed them all, feed just one!” So simple, but it’s something to remember in so many aspects of our lives. There is always so much we want to do, so many lives we want to touch. But in the end, we can only do so much.  So this post is for that one person. I hope that something I say inspires you in some way to do something that you never thought you could do. For that one person to make a positive change in their life and then pay it forward and inspire positive change in the life of another. I don’t have all the answers and I too have my moments of weakness and despair. I do however know how to seek the answers I need and make a choice not to dwell in a space of despair or let my weaknesses overtake my strengths. I encourage you to do the same.

Though one of my chief concerns is health and fitness, this is not solely directed at those on a fitness journey. This is about TRULY LIVING LIFE! We all have DIVINE callings we need to answer. Consider this your call to duty.

Whatever your journey consists of  it will be hard.  YOU MUST TAKE IT ANYWAY! No one can do it for you nor has the heart to do it for you because they have no idea what that journey really means to YOU!  You know all of your inner struggles. And because you know all those little details, you already know how strong you are. You already know that you are capable of overcoming obstacles. You already know that you can keep going long after you think you can’t. You know you can make choices that you feel good about. You know you can learn from mistakes and put your best foot forward. You already know you are powerful beyond measure! Yes, there will be times when you lose  sight of things or when you detour a little more than you want to, it happens. Life happens. But that doesn’t mean you give up, that means you pick up where you left off and keep it pushin…that’s the key, DON’T GIVE UP! Faith doesn’t make things easy, it just makes them possible! Have faith and start crawling….

Sung to the tune of Crawl by Chris Brown

Even if others think you’re through,

You don’t have to share that view.

The only one who matters is you

I hope that you can see that too.


So where do you go from here,

When you seem so far from your goals?

And where can life take you now

If you believe that you can, you can still have it all!

If you crawl, til you can walk again.

Then you’ll run. Until you’re strong enough to jump.

Then you’ll flyyyyy!

Your journey has no end.

So just crawl, crawl, crawl 

back to Life!


Take the focus off the pace!

Your journey need not be a race.

Everything in time and space.

Learn from setbacks and mistakes.


So where is your vision now,

Is it in the depths of your heart?

LOOOOK, can you see it clear?

Now is the time, take the chance you can’t fall!

If you crawl, til you can walk again.

Then you’ll run. Until you’re strong enough to jump.

Then you’ll flyyyy, your journey has no end.


So just crawl, crawl, crawl back to LIFE!