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A penny for your thoughts

Well, well, well. The 40days are almost up and since no one shared in their ventures this was a solo act or at least one that was personal. I have to admit I did not have the focus I had hoped to. I actually experienced a personal crisis that had me dealing with a lot of unexpected emotions and issues & I was really just going through the motions for a few weeks. That’s behind me now and I did well on one of the things on my original list. I did not have a drink for over thirty days! In fact just broke on Sunday and the reason that I broke early was simply because it was the right time for me. Like I said in the original post, your forty days can start any time. I will in actually be starting over on the 8th. A personal thing to keep me focused on some things I need to get done in my life and to kinda to keep my head clear.

So, my birthday is just about 5 weeks away….SUPER EXCITED! I know some people feel like birthdays are for children, but not I! As far as I’m concerned birthdays should be celebrated by all ages. My biggest dilemma right now is what I want to eat and whether or not I want cake or a banana split from Bailey’s Chocolate Bar. Decisions, decisions. I am taking suggestions and I am taking donations to my birthday gift fund. School will be over soon and Online classes are my friends for summer school so no you will probably not find me at the school gym. It’s all bodyweight, all summer, three days a week. So if you want to help me get a TRX system for my B-day, I will gladly accept your money! Plans so far, morning birthday run(7.6miles), massage, pedicure & manicure, a late lunch w/some of my favorite peeps, DESSERT & SINGING and early to bed. WHY EARLY TO BED??? Because I start finals at 8am on May 9th! Is there no justice in this cruel world? No bothers though. WHY??? Because the following week when ALL finals are DONE, when I have SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETED my first year back in school I will break my 40 day hiatus, go out w/some of my favorite peeps AGAIN(I’m thinking some good games of bowling, & you guys can come too) then visiting my favorite place for a drink in the CWE & putting a nice night cap on it with a little reflection w/that one special peep that really helped make this year so great.

And then……… summer school starts! YES INDEED, PERSISTENCE IS KEY!