A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey… but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong. So every day I get STRONGER!

How many days til Spring?

The 40 day count down has begun and I must say I love moments of reflection. You see this time is not about giving things up. This is a time to look into your life and take stock of what you are doing through this season. This is something that can and should be done at other parts of the year. There will be times when you will need to readjust how you’re moving and the direction you are going so it helps to stop every once in a while, step back and see a fuller picture of where you are. This process is not always easy, but it is necessary if we are to get where we need to go. So you don’t have to give up anything, but if there is something that is a vice for you maybe it’s time to start weaning. Likewise, if there is something you know you should be doing, what better time to start.

Already I have opened up to a possibility I never saw before, something I thought I new looks totally today than it did yesterday. It’s amazing how quickly things can change. Opening up won’t necessarily mean that you have to abandon something but it puts your mind in a place where it can welcome something even greater. It’s deep!

Minus certain moments in childhood I can honestly say I m the happiest I have ever been. Not because of a person or thing(s), but because I’m here and I have learned how to move with the ebbs and flows of life in such a way that I can accept them, learn through them and move on. No need to get caught up in how cold the water is.

So I’ve begun my reflection and I’ve given up a few things and taken up a few others in order to realign my sails in the direction I need to go. What about you, do you know where you’re headed? Is it time to readjust? Think about it.


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