A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey… but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong. So every day I get STRONGER!

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The only constant is change…

Yes change is constant but as I’m growing and learning I’m finding not only is change good, but also necessary. There will be days/moments that are harder than others. There will be times when you feel like you can’t go on. Those will be the times when you dig deep, reconnect with your focus and inner purpose & find strength and comfort you never knew you had. Those will be the moments that pick you up and propel you forward as long as you’re willing to let it.

There are so many times when one misses opportunity in the guise of change because of rigidness and fear. Yet if we learn to let go of the stagnation of what couldn’t possibly be we swing open the doors to all that can be.

Let change come. Welcome it, embrace it. Let it resonate in your inner and outer world.  Let it mold you into all that you ever thought you could be and so much more. Let change come,  and let it come constantly…



So it’s been told to me over the last few months and I honestly didn’t know this about myself. Today though after a conversation with a friend of mine about my exercise program and progress I took some time to rehash the details in my mind and figure out my next plan of action etc. It was during this time that I turned my thoughts to exactly what feeling I was after with my body comp goals…I keep coming up blank and then it hit me like a brick wall….CONTROL! I’m wanting the feeling of control! Tweaking my diet and training to get the ideal body I’m after is a way for me to feel in control of something that I feel others are not.


Talk about revelation! Are you a control freak?

March Winds….

And so it begins. The very first post of the very first blog that will serve as a tiny window peering into my beautiful world. You only live once and after going through life changing events I am finally ready to start LIVING! The March winds are coming in strong and so am I. Stronger, fiercer, more grit, more passion, more love to give. This is a time for great change for me. So strap on, get ready for the realness that is me and my life. Learn and grow with me as I do as much as possible from A to Z.

Let the wind blow you here often.